Crafting Elevated and Unforgettable Events

Congratulations...You're planning a wedding or an event! 

Everyone you know is asking the all too familiar "when, where, and what will we wear" questions
over and over. All you can think is "HOW will I ever plan this whole thing?"

That's where we come in. 
Think of us as your wedding and event BFFs – professional, approachable, and ready to make your big day uniquely yours without stress or drama.  

We do not want you to get overwhelmed.

We know. You aren't alone.
These are all common concerns. 

Our goal as your wedding planning team is to remove the overwhelm, reduce the stress, guide you from the initial phase through to the final exit, and all while enjoying your engagement and actually - gasp - having FUN planning your wedding. 

Too many choices.
Not enough time.

We believe in creating meaningful
experiences for you and your guests
through unique, upscale events.

While our weddings were both very special days, one of us had a wedding planner and the other did not. The difference in the two days was increased stress, some disorganization, and family members that had to work. A LOT.  One guess which wedding that was?! 

As a result, our goal - and our purpose - is to ensure you can avoid all of these pitfalls at your wedding. We have been in your shoes and know it may be difficult to decide if you can do this on your own or not. 

Let us share the 'method to our madness' - our formula, our process - to getting you through planning as easily as possible... 

It all started with
two sisters. 

as featured in

Kailey & Payton

Every bride deserves planners like Carrie & Rebekah on their big day. When it came time to find a wedding planner, my husband and I are SO thankful that we found Blue Poppy Events.

Katy & Sam

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Katy & Sam

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In just a few quick steps, we can get you out of the overwhelm and into the excitement of wedding planning.
Let us be your personal 'tour guides' through this journey from engagement ring to wedding band,
from I said "yes" to we said "I do".

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3...

Let's chat so we can get your wedding planned!

Let's have a brief chat about what you need help with and what you are looking for in
 a planner. 

We love to hold these "discovery calls"
via Zoom so you don't have to drive
all over town. 

Step 01

After our call, we will deliver a custom proposal designed to meet your personal wedding planning needs within three days. 

Step 02

From your custom proposal, simply select the option that fits your needs best, submit your initial payment to book your date
and then the fun begins. 

Step 03

Kristina & Patrick

Working with Blue Poppy Events made wedding planning fun and seamless. They are not only professionals, but truly great people who are AMAZING at their jobs! 

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Regardless of whether you are at the beginning, in the middle, or even close to the end of planning, we can help you get organized, reduce the overwhelm, and ensure you get to the celebration in one (sane) piece! 

We are excited to get started!