"Alone, we can do so little;
together, we can do so much."
- Helen Keller


There is nothing easy or quick about planning a wedding. Planning takes more time and energy than the event itself. And we know this because we have been brides. We have been on both sides of this planning journey. 
It is this sense of understanding with which we approach each and every event. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your event is uniquely and genuinely yours. We pour our knowledge and experience into each and every aspect. 

not your every day, run-of-the-mill team

Raised in a family where a random Tuesday could become a festive occasion, we should have known our calling was going to be in the hospitality and event planning world. However, it wasn't until we were asked by some family and friends to assist with their weddings and events, that we realized just how perfect this is for us. 

Discovering your passion... by accident

Maddy & Gavin

Rebekah and Carrie as a team cannot be stopped. They just work so well together!

You don't want to 'work' on your special day;
and we don't want you to either! 

What do you value most in this world? Look back at the list of values you wrote on Exercise 12 and explain how your #1 value impacts how you work and care for your clients.

If you have a hard time writing, consider telling your best friend or spouse about why you do what you do. Record yourself while you do and then write down your own words. Voila!

Highlight a benefit they'll receive that ties back to your story

Carrie Gillard 

Life is short.
Too short not to find a reason to celebrate something each and every day.

Through event planning, Carrie has found a way to help others maximize their personal joy on these special days. By combining her personal penchant for anything creative, theatrical, and celebratory with a love of organizing and planning, her main goal is to transform your vision into an event that surpasses that initial idea.

CO-Founder / Creative director

Fun should have been her middle name.  

No matter the type of event, Rebekah wants your guests to remember the joy, participate in the fun, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Rebekah has a passion for ensuring your style and vision is evident in each aspect of your wedding or event. She loves to guide clients through the process by helping them envision the perfect setting for every part of the event, culminating in a unified vision and beautiful overall look.  

Rebekah Daniel

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Anne Cross

Some people just have it all.  
And Anne is one of those people.

The Blue Poppy sisters are beyond fortunate to have this smart, talented lady on the team.  Anne brings years of experience in the hospitality industry to each and every one of our events. She has an eye for detail and a penchant for ensuring not a single ounce of stress makes it way into the day. 

Associate planner / coordinator

Because our company was founded by family and because weddings are about two families coming together as one, this is why we strive to work with all of our couples in this manner. 

We also know not all families are alike...and this is a beautiful thing. We recognize and acknowledge that each partner has a unique set of opinions and ideas, as do their families, and we do our very best to incorporate these differences in a beautiful and harmonious way.  

We truly believe in treating our clients like family. 

family and Collaboration

We have had our weddings. We have had our major events. Now it is your turn.

We are here to work in conjunction and collaboration with you to create the event of YOUR dreams. We can become a power team to develop each idea into reality. 

Together we can accomplish anything. 

We work while you celebrate.  For us, the celebration comes in the success.  The success of your event and seeing it all come to fruition. 

We live for the smiles, hugs, and general excitement our clients share with us when they see their dreams come to life. 

Celebration comes in the success 

Blue Poppy Events was named in honor of Carrie & Rebekah's daughters. 
Unlike us, these two beauties were blessed with brothers but the hope is that these girls will love one another as sisters and know the bond Carrie & Rebekah share.

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, BLUE is Grace’s birthstone color and the POPPY is McKenna’s birth flower.

01 Fun Fact

We love music and dancing and can often be spotted dancing in a dark corner of an event once the lights are down and guests are on the dance floor. 

02 Fun Fact

Brides are the only ones to get 'post-wedding blues' when the planning is over.  We miss our new 'besties' when the big day has come and gone!

03 Fun Fact

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